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Forever Zion

Zion Christian Academy alumni are an integral part of the fabric of our school community.  We want to stay connected with our alumni and we welcome your return visits to our campus.  In addition to coming back for Homecoming in the fall, we encourage you to visit us anytime.  Attend one of our many theatrical, concert or athletic events throughout the year – we are always glad to see you!

Stay in Touch

Opportunities abound for connecting with your alma mater and fellow alumni.  Check out some of the ways below:

  • Update your contact information HERE.
  • Like us on Facebook at to get the latest news and updates
  • Follow us on Instagram @ZCANews

Did you recently graduate from college?  Get married?  Change jobs?  Have a baby?  Change address! We want to hear from you!

Give Back

We hope that as you reflect on your time here at Zion Christian Academy you are able to see the fruits of your ZCA education having a positive impact on your life today.  And it is our constant prayer that all of our students graduate from our academy being well-equipped and prepared for the challenges that lay ahead.

If you are one of the many alumni who have been blessed by their ZCA education, please consider giving back in one or more of the following ways:

  • Pray for the ZCA school community — faculty, staff, students, and families.
  • Encourage family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors and others to learn more about Zion Christian Academy when considering education for their children.
  • Volunteer at or participate in school events — your presence is a positive example to all of our current students.
  • Contribute financially to our annual End-of-Year Giving campaign.