ZCA uses the rSchool Today Activity Scheduler to manage our complete school calendar – including our academic and athletic calendars and everything in between! Filter by a category, view by month or week, subscribe to text notifications, sync calendars of choice with your own personal calendar (Google, iCal, Outlook, etc.), or get the mobile app (iOS, Android). There are many ways to make it work for you.

User-Friendly Tips

If you’re intimidated by the breadth of information on the calendar, don’t panic! With a few clicks, you can filter out what you don’t need at the moment. And with a small investment of time, you’ll have a wonderful system that will simplify your life for months and years to come! Just follow the steps below to get rolling.

1. Month View

The calendar defaults to Week view. To see the whole month-at-a-glance, click the Month button at the top right.

Then click the event for more detail.

2. Category Filter

Want to limit the number of events appearing on your calendar? Use View by Type to narrow them down.

Hint: Academics is probably the go-to category for you if you are hunting for general school dates (like what is printed on the annual academic calendar).

3. View Schedules

If you’re looking for a particular event and want to jump to it quickly or to create a customized schedule to sync with your own (Google, iCal, Outlook, etc.), click the View Schedules tab, select the Activity/Activities for which you want to see all scheduled events and click ‘View.’ This will open a pop-up window with all events for the activities you selected.

To subscribe (i.e., sync) this set of schedules, click the Subscribe link at the top-right of this pop-up window.

4. Notifications

You can also easily set up text and/or email notifications for any and all activities you choose. To set these up:

  • Click the Notify Me tab
  • Follow the prompts to create an account
  • Select the categories and event types to which you want to subscribe.
  • On the following page, set your preferences for each event or simply proceed with the default settings.

Note: A very useful feature is the Scheduling Change Notification option. Anytime there is a schedule change, you will be automatically notified.


Want to get a quick snapshot of our primary academic year dates? View or download our Year-at-a-Glance calendar.