Dr. Nichols

Engage.  Play.  Inspire.

“When an archer releases an arrow from his bow, the trajectory is set at the beginning of the shot and not after it has taken flight.  Beginning in PreK and continuing through each grade level, we seek to educate our students in the light of God’s truth and grace – with the goal of excellence being set at the beginning, and not the end, of the educational process.”
Dr. Robin Nichols
Elementary Principal

Interested in learning more about our Preschool Program?

Preschool Scope and Sequence

The Preschool curriculum is based on the Saxon Early Learning program and is intended to nurture children through the use of games, stories, creative play and one-on-one interaction with our teachers.  In addition to hands-on experiences with math, science, and language, our Preschool students also take part in weekly enrichment classes that include: art, music, physical education, and library. 

Pre K – 3

  • Bible – Wee Learn
  • Math – Wee Learn
  • Reading – Wee Learn
  • Science – Thematic Units
  • Social Studies – Thematic Units
  • Language Arts – Wee Learn
  • Additional – Art, Music and P.E.

Pre K – 4

  • Bible – Abeka
  • Math – Saxton Early Learning
  • Reading – Saxton Early Learning
  • Science – Saxon Early Learning
  • Social Studies – Saxon Early Learning
  • Language Arts – Saxon Early Learning
  • Additional – Art, Music and P.E.

Preschool Facilities

The Preschool at Zion Christian Academy serves children from ages three to five and is an integral part of our lower school campus. The Preschool facilities are designed with the needs of these very young students in mind.  Our classrooms and preschool-specific playground inspire creativity and the joy of learning through play.  We offer a 2-day (Tu/Th), a 3-day (M/W/F) and a 5-day program. We are open to welcome students into their classes at 7:30. The academic day begins at 8:00 and ends at 2:30. Students are dismissed from 2:30 – 3:15. Extended care is available from 3:15 – 5:30.


Additionally, Preschool students participate in weekly chapel services, most school-wide assemblies and special programs, including performing at Grandparents Day and in the yearly Christmas and spring productions.

Requirements for Preschool

PreK- 3 — Child must be 3 years old by August 15 of current school year
PreK- 4 — Child must be 4 years old by August 15 of current school year
Note: All children attending Preschool program must be potty trained.