Bus Information

Zion offers round trip transportation on a ZCA bus from Lawrenceburg/Summertown and Spring Hill each day.

  • Lawrenceburg Pick up: 7:00 am, Lawrenceburg Plaza parking lot near the red light 
  • Lawrenceburg Drop off: 3:45 pm, Lawrenceburg Plaza parking lot near the red light 
  • Summertown Pick up: 7:15 am, Summertown Tire
  • Summertown Drop off: 3:15 pm, Deb’s Mini Mart 
  • Spring Hill Pick up: 7:oo am, the parking lot of McDonald’s in Spring Hill
  • Spring Hill Drop off: 3:35 pm, parking lot of the McDonald’s in Spring Hill


The annual cost for the ZCA bus service is as follows:

  • $788 per child
  • $1,260 for 2 children
  • $1,575 for 3 or more children

Payment options

  • One-time payment with a 5% discount if full year payment is received by August 1. 
  • Semester payment plan with a 2% discount. 50% due August 1 and 50% due January 7. 
  • A monthly payment plan can be included as part of your monthly tuition payment plan. 

To sign up for the bus service, please click the button below and complete the form.

If you have any questions or need additional help, please contact Mrs. Karen Hazard in our Business Office, via EMAIL or telephone, 931-388-5731.