Academic Philosophy

Our academic approach is built on Truth!

Zion Christian Academy believes that every student should be transformed as a result of our educational program. An education that centers on ideas or facts alone is incomplete; a true education must elicit action from the student. We partner with parents to help their students build numerous vital skills and qualities for each stage of their development and indeed, all of life. To this end, ZCA is committed to a 21st-century education focused on 3 C’s: Christ-Centered, Calling, and College Prep.


ZCA is committed to transforming students through the development of a Christian Worldview. Students will learn to see all of reality in light of God’s Truth, and how that Truth should inform their decisions. They will do more than acquire information – they will learn wisdom. Further, at each grade level, all students will learn to model Christ’s example as we help them cultivate their mind, heart, and habits as a disciple of Christ. They will learn more than ethics – they will build Christian virtue.


ZCA believes that each child has a Purpose in this life as a part of God’s plan. Each child at ZCA has been given gifts, skills, and abilities by God in order to accomplish this purpose. We utilize academics and activities to help them identify how God has gifted them so they are best prepared to understand and respond to God’s call on their life in both vocation and avocation.

College Prep

ZCA pursues Academic Rigor within all areas of our curriculum and at all grade levels. Content, methodologies and varied teaching activities provide students with multiple ways to learn while pursuing mastery of each given content area. Students will be taught important study habits and organizational skills to help them succeed. They will do more than memorize facts to pass a test – they will develop a love of learning.


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