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Zion Christian Academy is a private, interdenominational, college-preparatory

school for grades preschool

through 12. Zion is a ministry

of Zion Presbyterian Church (PCA) in

Columbia, Tennessee.


6901 Old Zion Road

Columbia, Tennessee 38401



Zion Basketball League (ZBL) is an opportunity for your 2nd-5th grader to learn the fundamentals of basketball in a positive Christian environment. Use the link to get signed up. Registration fees should be turned in to the main office of Zion Christian Academy by October 1. 


Registration ends October 1

$40 per child for 2nd and 3rd grade division

$40 per child for 4th and 5th grade division

  • Practices held one night per week

  • Games will begin October 13th

  • Games played each Saturday, weather permitting

  • Championship will be Dec. 15th

Click here for online registration.                          SEC DIVISION (2nd & 3rd Coed) Schedule

ZBL Guidelines                                                     NBA DIVISION (4th & 5th Boys) Schedule

ZBL Rules of Play                                                 NCAA GIRLS (4th & 5th Girls) Schedule

Questions? Contact athletics@zioneagles.org




The Zion Hoops 3 vs. 3 Boys Basketball League is a fall basketball league for grades 2 through 5. Teams will be split into two divisions based on grade. These teams will practice once a week, complete a weekly devotional, and play a game on saturday morning. The goal for the league is twofold: First we want kids to experience basketball in a Christ centered environment. Second we want kids to get a high amount of both playing time and opportunities to handle the basketball. We believe that through the three versus three concept Zion can provide students both parts of this goal.


League Administrators

  1. Daniel Pugh - ZCA high school girls basketball

  2. Tommy Fox - ZCA athletic director, middle school basketball, high school boys basketball



  1. ZIon Christian Academy will host all the games and provide opportunities to use their facilities for practice.


Signing Up

  1. Parents will sign their athletes up for the league on the school website: zioneagles.org

  2. Parents can also sign up in person at elementary or high school office.



  1. Players can be signed up as a member of a pre-registered team or as a free agent.

  2. All free agent players will be placed on teams by the league administrators.

  3. Players will be placed on teams in the correct division based on their current grade level.



  1. Second grade and third grade will compete in the Lower Division.

  2. Fourth grade and fifth grade will compete in the Upper Division.



  1. Teams will consist of four players. Three players in the game and one substitute.

  2. Teams from outside communities may sign up as team to keep their community together.

  3. Zion students and community free agents will be split into teams of four by the league administrators


  1. Teams will practice once a week for an hour. Included in this practice will be short devotional organized by the league administrators.

  2. Zion will provide designated times that teams can use their facilities for practice


  1. Games will be played at Zion on saturday mornings.

  2. The warm up and the game will take no longer than one hour.



  1. We will be a competitive league that establishes a winner of each contest.

  2. Score for each game will be kept.

  3. A win - loss record will be established for seeding in the end of the year tournament.



  1. The last weekend of the season will consist of a single elimination tournament.

  2. Multiple games may be played over the weekend.

  3. A league champion and runner up will determined from the tournament.



  1. Adult coaches from the Zion community and other participating communities are desired.

  2. All non school facility must agree to a background check.

  3. Teams without an adult coach will be supplemented with a high school boys basketball player. These player led practices will be supervised by a league administrator.



  1. League referees will be volunteers from the Zion community.

  2. All referees must attend a referee meeting to discuss league protocol and the rules of play.



Lower Division: 2nd & 3rd grade

Upper Division: 4th & 5th grade

  • 10 week season

  • Regular season = 9 weeks (skip Thanksgiving week)

  • Post Season tournament = Last day (December 15th)

  • 8 Game Season - 1 game per saturday



A regular 3x3 court playing surface is half a basketball court with one basket



Minimum: 3 players

Maximum: 4 players

  • 3 players + (1 substitute)

Note: Teams that only have 2 players show up may use a player present whose team is not playing at the same time.



1 court monitor per court - track score, fouls for specified court


1 referee per court - call fouls and encourage fast pace of play

TIME OUTS (*Running Clock)

1 - 20 second timeout per team per game, game clock does not stop during time outs


Home team player will shoot for ball - Player will shoot one free throw. If made home team gets first possession. If missed the opposing team gets the first possession


2 points for all made baskets



1 game per hour

Warm up - 10 minutes (starts on the hour)

Game - 2 - 20 minute halves with a running clock (starts 10 after the hour)

Half Time - 5 minutes



OT Initial Possession: Away team shoots free throw for ball.

Sudden Death = First team to score wins the game



  • No Shot Clock, however holding the ball to run out the clock is not allowed

  • Must initiate action or possession can be awarded to the defense



  • Everyone except shooter will stand near half court

  • Possession changed after free throw whether it is made or missed



Procedure: If Defensive foul, team foul recorded by referee with the court monitor and offense gets possession.

If offensive foul, team foul is recorded and defense gets possession.

Fouls are only called by the court referee.

Shooting fouls are recorded as team fouls

Fouled shooter is awarded 1 free throw worth 2 points

5 Team Fouls:

After a team has fouled 5 times all fouls award a free throw worth 2 points. Fouling a shooter counts the bucket (2 points) and 1 free throw worth (1 point)


FOUL LIMIT PER TEAM - Resets to 0 team fouls at Half Time

4 fouls

Bonus entered on 5th foul



  • Defense gets possession of ball

  • Inbounder must be at half court

  • Inbounder checks ball with defense after made basket

  • Defense must be at least 3 feet away from inbounder

  • Inbounder must pass the ball to begin possession

  • Inbounder has 5 seconds to get the ball in before a change of possession is awarded to the defense


FOLLOWING AN AIR BALL(change of possession)

FOLLOWING A MISSED SHOT (change of possession)

  • Defense must clear the ball beyond the 3 point line

  • NO check of the ball



  • Defense awarded the ball

  • Check the ball at halfcourt



Made during dead ball situations prior to the check ball exchange, time outs, and half time

  • Substitute must stand next to the court monitor prior to substitution

  • During a check ball situation the defense will hold the ball until the substitution is completed. Play will resume when the defense checks the ball back to the offense

Zion Basketball League