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Student Life


Setting the Stage


Zion Christian Academy’s Fine Arts Department provides a wealth of opportunities for creative expression, student participation and performance.  We offer programs of study in:

  • Drama and Theatre Arts
  • Instrumental Music
  • Vocal Music
  • Visual Arts

Our students have access to some of the most experienced and talented instructors available, providing guidance and support in each of the Fine Arts disciplines.


Vocal Music

At our lower school, all of our students (PreK3-Grade 5) enjoy weekly music classes where they learn the fundamentals of music, including age-appropriate music theory, rhythm, pitch and an introduction to musical instruments.

These budding musicians prepare and perform in several musical productions each year for Grandparents Day, Christmas and Easter.

At our upper school, both middle school and high school students can participate in choir as a Fine Arts elective. As a member of the choir, students have ample opportunities for performance at numerous school events, including Grandparents Day, chapel events and graduation.


Instrumental Music

ZCA's instrumental music program is designed for students in grades 5-12 and provides instruction in a vast array of instruments, including many different woodwinds and percussion.   Our students may choose to learn to play the flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, French horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion or one of the many other instruments offered.

Fifth graders participate in instrumental and general band instruction twice a week and have the opportunity to take part in numerous performances all year long.

Instrumental instruction for our students in grades 6 through 12 includes individual and group lessons, as well as a band class that is offered as a Fine Arts elective.  Zion Christian Academy’s band offers many school-wide concerts throughout the year, as well as providing musical spirit at home games and competitions.



Zion Christian Academy’s dramatic arts program is the finest is our area and is known for the extraordinary quality of its annual theatrical productions. 

Young actors and actresses at our elementary campus may join the faculty-led lower school drama club where, as a member, they may take part in several performances each year.

Both middle school students and high school students may take Drama as a Fine Arts elective.  Participants in the middle school drama class take part in a major theatrical performance each fall  and our high school drama students are responsible for the production of our annual spring musical.   


Visual Arts

Visual arts are woven into the fabric of a student’s educational experience at ZCA from a very young age.  Art is a fundamental outlet for creative expression and can be incorporated into many components of a child’s education.

At the lower campus, all students in grade PreK3 through grade 5 take part in weekly art instruction, with a special art room designated for these creative activities.   Elementary art classes include instruction in drawing, ceramics, painting, sculpting as well as the exploration of various other artistic mediums.

At the upper school, middle school and high school students are offered a wide variety of course offerings that include painting, drawing, sculpting, ceramics, textiles and basic graphic design.  Our visual arts curriculum includes the development of creative inspiration and critical thinking, the mastery of artistic methods and techniques and a working knowledge of art theory and history.