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Making a Successful Transition



In order to successfully cross the bridge from elementary school to high school, a well-coordinated, multi-faceted program with a nurturing emphasis is required.  Zion Christian Academy seeks to provide just that with a program that ensures quality academic training along with a wide range of electives and extracurricular opportunities for the middle school student to explore.


Middle school students at ZCA experience a challenging curriculum that focuses on the core subjects of language arts, literature, mathematics, science, history and Bible.  Mastery of these subjects best prepares our students for the rigors of the high school college-preparatory program that lies ahead.


To give each student the balance they need, our middle school program also offers a full elective schedule of band, choir, art and drama, as well as other classes to allow the student to develop their gifts and talents beyond the textbooks. 


At Zion Christian Academy, we care about the middle school years and the crucial role they play in a student’s academic future.



For 2016-17 Middle School Course Offerings 

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