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Setting the Course



The Zion Christian Academy high school program is designed to prepare

young men and women to serve God fully in whatever calling He has for their

lives.  We believe that God has a plan for each person’s life.  The mission of

our faculty and staff is to assist each of the students trusted to our charge in

finding that direction and to work toward its fulfillment.


ZCA strives to academically train its students and inspire them to be life-long

learners who love to think and solve problems.  As educators, we want them

to desire knowledge and wisdom and it is our pledge to evaluate and guide

students as they discover their own strengths and abilities and position

themselves to become the leaders of our hallways today and the leaders of

society tomorrow.


Our high school faculty is a qualified, caring and deeply committed group of

Christian educators dedicated to the comprehensive training of young people,

both academically and spiritually.  They strive to be positive role models who

are always ready to stop and listen, pray or counsel when the need arises. 

Our guidance department provides our students with ongoing college and

career counseling from freshman year onward, not just as they enter their

senior year.


Throughout a student’s entire high school tenure, we strive to develop the

whole person.  It is our desire to ensure that every ZCA graduate is prepared

to love and serve God with all their heart, soul, mind and body.  This, we

believe, is our greatest calling.


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