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Building a Strong Foundation


The Zion Christian Academy elementary curriculum is taught from a Christian world-view perspective and is designed to challenge our students to reach their highest academic potential.  The elementary core-curriculum subjects of study include:  reading, math, science, social studies, spelling, grammar and Bible.


The elementary reading program is designed to enable students to learn how to read, as well as to develop critical thinking skills.  The Saxon Phonics program is used to accomplish the mechanical portion of our reading instruction.  With the Foundations and Frameworks program, our students learn concrete thinking strategies that allow them to evaluate material and to apply its content.


The elementary mathematics program is enhanced by the use of the Saxon Math program.  Math concepts are developed, reviewed and practiced over time.  Students move from the concrete to the pictorial to the abstract as they advance from grade to grade.


In addition to the core-curriculum, ZCA also offers a broad range of enrichment classes that are included in the students’ weekly schedules.  These vital enrichment classes include art, computer, music, physical education, library, band and choir.